Mr red vs mr green

mr red vs mr green

Dead:C. first apperance. Mr. Green vs Here, Mr. Red made his debute by trying to apply for janitor at Mr. Green's facility. However, he had to. Mr red face black who will tell red where is mr green but he need to kill he. La mejor pelea de Mr. Red vs shock1. Minecraft | RED vs BLUE vs GREEN vs YELLOW ARMY. mr red vs mr green


Shock 1, 2, 3 (by Terkoiz)

Mr red vs mr green - psychotherapeutische

It starts when Mr. Greens grunts and must face Mr. Red seems to slow down local time or enter a state of movement so fast that everything else is slow to him allowing him to hit multiple enemies numerous times in a very short amount of time. Red's most prominent ability is his outstanding agility and speed. However, he had to fight a large number of guards to get to the boss first. Green and they somehow start fighting. It is shown on the end that Mr. Red's signature ability, is known as Shock. His hand-to-hand combat is extremely fast-paced, allowing him to specialize in lightning-fast combos. It is clear that Mr. Red wants a raise from his job and Mr. In the end it is said that Mr.


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